Webinar Info: Get Your Life Back

September 18 -26, 2020 the Fort McMurray Seventh-day Adventist church will be hosting Doreen and Marlon Cliffe who will be giving talks about how to get your life back during the Covid scare.

Webinar Content:
Identify & Overcome Depression and/or Anxiety through Positive Lifestyle Choices
Nutrition and the Brain 
Culinary Cooking Demonstrations
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Healthy Relationships
Managing Stress without Distress
Forgive to Live

Doreen and Marlon are Health & Wellness Coaches that are passionate about motivating lifestyle change for a healthier happier life. Their story of how they navigated their way through depression into hope and healing has inspired many. Join them for an inspirational journey and learn how you can get your life back too.

Watch video below and  if you are interested Sign up here get-your-life-back